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Breakthrough with Lisa Nichols TV Interview

Let’s Clear the “Heir” Show and Podcast

Elevate & Accelerate Podcast Interview

Living a Life by Design with Dr. Esther Graham

Dr. Esther helps empower you to discover and pursue the purpose that is already in you! Are you ready to look at yourself and see your future? Then get back to what is really important in life and get in alignment with your true self. Stay tuned to Living a Life by Design! Journey back to you and start living 365 Days days of purpose with your host Dr. Esther Graham! It all starts now!

Wealthy Woman Virtual Conference with Deborah Flemming Bradley

Join me for my presentation as a guest speaker for this powerful conference hosted by Deborah Flemming Bradley, as we explore the purpose of our bonds and the undeniable power they hold in shaping our paths. This isn't just about finding others; it's about uncovering your true passion and trusting the process of self-evaluation. Together, let's cultivate relationships that grow with us, offering sustenance for our souls and fuel for our ambitions.

Purpose Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the start of something life-changing! On Day 1 of our purpose & prosperity journey, we're diving deep into self-evaluation and trusting the process. This isn't just about finding your purpose; it's about uncovering your true passion that fuels your every move. 🌟 💪 #Purpose #Passion #PersonalGrowth #SelfDiscovery

Purpose Challenge Day 2

Welcome back, Soul Mates! Today, we're diving deep into "Fear vs Purpose: Why Passion Isn't Enough" as we continue our 5-day challenge to uncover your true passion. If you've ever felt that passion alone isn't propelling you forward, it's time to understand the vital role purpose plays in your life. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and trust the process of self-evaluation. Together, we'll explore what's been holding you back—spoiler: it's often fear—and how to break free to embrace the life you're meant to live.

Purpose Challenge Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of our 5-day Purpose Challenge. In today's video, "Use What You Have: Start Your Dream Today!", I'm here to remind you that your journey to uncover your true passion doesn't have to wait. Embrace the art of trusting the process and let go of the excuses that hold you back. We're discussing the power of self-evaluation and leveraging what you already possess to forge a path towards your goals. Whether it's a rag and a rock or a GED, it's time to recognize these as your tools for success and the keys to your kingdom.

Purpose Challenge Day 4

Welcome back to the transformational journey of self-discovery and personal growth! 🌟 If you've ever felt like something was missing, or that you were meant for more, today's video is a beacon of hope on your path to uncovering your true passion. We'll explore practical ways to fill your own cup first – because you can't pour from an empty vessel. Learn to trust the process of self-evaluation and embrace self-care as a cornerstone of living a purpose-driven life. From the power of saying "no" to building a nurturing support system, I'll guide you through the steps necessary to thrive and serve from a place of abundance.

Purpose Challenge Day 5

Welcome to the climactic finale of our 5-day journey to unlocking your purpose! 🌟 Today, we celebrate not just the end but the beginning of a life aligned with passion and purpose. As we wrap up our Purpose Challenge, remember: true fulfillment stems from self-evaluation and self-discovery. Together, we've embarked on this transformative journey, and the seeds of change have been sown. Your path to uncover your true passion is lit with the knowledge we've shared. Trusting the process is not just an idea—it's the very essence of personal growth. As we close this chapter, I'm here to remind you that your story is just beginning. You've got the map, now it's time to march confidently towards your dreams!

Speaker: WW Virtual Event

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Interview with Valiant CEO Magazine

Welcome to ValiantCEO Magazine’s exclusive interview with Dr. Melissa Alexander, CEO of GMA Interventions and My Soul Purpose LLC. In this interview, Dr. Alexander shares her remarkable journey as an entrepreneur in behavior health and consulting, highlighting her unwavering resilience and commitment to empowering others. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Alexander’s expertise and leadership have propelled her businesses to great heights. From founding her own behavior health agency to co-founding a successful coaching and consulting business, she consistently embraces challenges and transforms them into opportunities for growth.

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